RobotWala includes tablet computers along with educational kits that are used with an application on the tablet computer. These educational kits include a mobile robot (CodiBot), developed by RobotWala, as well as other kits. With one CodiBot students can perform many different activities, as it can use different sensors as well as actuators. All this learning will be done on the tablet based application including programming the robots. It has been proven in research as well as through our experience, that hands on learning is much more effective than simply book based or web based learning.

There are different kinds of apps available however by just limiting the interface to a touch screen, learning is not that effective or fun, whereas hands on experiential learning is known to engage students helping them improve their problem solving skills. This is why RobotWala needs not only tablet computers but our educational kits. By including everything that is needed to learn in one package, we have made it really easy for anyone with basic training to conduct our workshops.

We will develop fun educational kits for kids to teach them about the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our activities will aim to bring the best out of the kids by following a discovery-based learning approach.